Reimagine the way you shop

Mindfullly mixing the perfect digital wallet

Get the unique digital wallet that delivers personalized savings from your favorite local stores and spares you everything else. One wallet to rule them all.

Build and customize your digital loyalty wallet.

MixaWallet brings together your existing loyalty memberships in one place on your phone so you can actually use them.

With one step opt in, you can finally get the most out of your current loyalty programs, and take advantage of the ones you never knew existed.

One wallet. Tons loyalty rewards. That’s what we do.


When the savings you want, want you.

Based on the way you shop and dine, MixaWallet hooks you up with custom tailored savings from your local favorites so you get personalized deals wherever, whenever.

Basically, you get the smartest savings and loyalty engine of all time while you shop at home, on-the go with geo based deals, or even in-store.

It's a definite game changer when it comes to the overall shopping experience. It's on your phone. It's easy to use. It's a money saver. It's all you need.

It's MixaWallet.

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